Friday, May 22, 2009

My Big, Little Brother...And Relay For Life!!!

This post has been a long time coming. I have wanted to post some things that I love about my brother, Chris. He is one of my heroes. He is also one of my best friends and greatest cheerleaders. Chris was diagnosed with his first brain tumor when he was 16. He made it through that experience with determination, strength, faith, grace and many Heavenly miracles. The thing about Chris is that he has always trusted in Heavenly Father and counted himself blessed for being diagnosed with cancer. He saw it as a blessing that made him who he is and blessed him with many wonderful friends. He was diagnosed with his second tumor in September of 2007. He and his wife Jen took it on with faithful determination. They never complained saying," There are no bad days, only good days and better days".

Chris majored in landscape design and worked at the Idaho Falls Temple. He loved to be outside. One day Chris was cutting dandelions out with a kitchen knife (you have to get the root out!) and he was starting to lose his balance. He fell over and his mother-in-law came over to help him up. He said no I'm okay, I can do it. He started rocking back and forth to get himself up. She said Chris what do you do when you are alone? He said I just keep trying until I get up. How Chris.

Chris on his first walk after surgery in 2007

Matching Beanies!

Chris became a dad to Sadie Elizabeth in February 2009! He loved being a dad! His greatest treasures were his testimony of his Savior and the gospel and his family.
Isn't this picture funny! I have no idea what we were doing!

Chris passed away April 25. I miss him but I am so proud of him- I hope somehow I can make him proud also. I want to do something to give back.

Here is where I need you! I am participating in Relay For Life in July. I am so excited and I know Chris would have wanted to do this if he was still here. 100 percent of the money raised through Relay goes to education and research. My team and I will be taking turns walking throughout the night- cancer never sleeps and neither will we. My personal goal is to raise 300$ in memory of Chris in hopes that others won't have to suffer as he did. Even a donation of 5 or 10 dollars can make a big difference. Please click here to make a donation and let's work to wipe out cancer together! Thank You!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playing catch up

Happy Birthday Mayse! Yes, it's really late but I just want to say how blessed I am to have you Mayse! You make sure life is never boring and have the funniest sense of humor! You know how to put the joy in life!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eva's Special Day

Eva was blessed on Easter Sunday- what better day for her special occasion! The crowds came, the dresses were fancy, it was a true black tie affair... well there were atleast ties there even if some were the clip-on variety! It was really fun to have the family there.It was the last time we were all together with Chris and I'm so thankful he was there and able to participate in Eva's blessing. Dustin did such a great job and I appreciate how much thought and preparation he put into her blessing. The spirit was very strong and it was a wonderful way to reflect on our Savior and His atoning sacrifices. Thanks for everyone's support and helping to make it such a perfect day!

My little diva!

The fam

Chris and Sadie and me with Eva- oh, so cute! No, not the babies- Chris and I!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Biggest, Littlest News!!!

Eva Presley is just over a month old, and it is so wonderful to have a little baby in our home again! She is so much fun, no one can get enough of her- what a beautiful spirit she brings with her!

Dustin and Eva's fav activity together!

Chris and Jen had their baby, Sadie just eight days after Eva was born! How fun for them to have each other!

First playdate!

Just Surfacing!!!!
Mayse's accessories!

As if you can't tell, these are the snow power rangers Eth and Mayse made one day! Unfortunately as soon as Dustin got home he ran them over, you would think he'd have noticed them and tried to avoid that catastrophe!

Ashton is always looking for the next big look, what do you think?!

Okay, I know I am the lamest blogger ever. We have had such great things happening since, hmmm... July is it?! Oh, although Steph blogged for me in December, thanks again Steph! So I thought to start out I would just post a couple of pictures of what we have been doing, I want to say I'm turning over a new leaf, but well, no point setting myself up for failure just yet!