Friday, July 4, 2008


Wow, this has been a long time coming, so here it goes!
* Listening to my funny kids play and laugh together- as opposed to fighting together!
* Early summer mornings- I love the sounds and the feel- I seriously don't see enough of them right now
* Going on fun dates with my husband- he's the best
* Hanging out with my whole fam and friends - I am so blessed
* The gospel- what would I be
* Seems to be a theme -losing someone I love for sure
* Failing as a mother- I don't want to disappoint my children, not teach them all I need to, or have regrets.
* Spiders!
* When I'm waterskiing I'm really afraid a fish will bite my toes or my bum, I never straighten my legs, I always scrunch them up!
* Eventually finish college, doing something I love
* Exercise- I'm really slacking right now
* Not kill my garden, the poor thing
* Serve more, be a better friend
Current Obsessions-
* Goober's Lab game on webkinz ( thanks to Steph- Dustin is not impressed with your influence!)
* Ice cream cones- my fav is huckleberry at Reed's Dairy but alas its clear in IF (better for my fanny!)
* blogging, athough I'm not keeping up very well!
* summer, outside stuff, hanging with my kids, sleep, reading!
Random Surprising Facts-
* I'm a marathon teeth brusher, It takes me ten minutes to brush every time
* I'm married to a chef, and I hate cooking! (poor Dustin)
* When I was little my dream was to be an artist and live in NY City, now my dream is to learn how to snow shoe, be a photographer, and never live in a city!
Okay, that took me a while! (Sorry Jen) Now I want to tag Wendy (no excuses, find a computer!), Amy, and Courtney!