Thursday, June 12, 2008

Better Late Than Never...

Ashton was born to dance! She loves to be on the stage in front of people, shakin' her booty! Ethan on the other hand is more of a closet booty shaker! This is from Ashton's dance review in May, I actually tried to download her dance video (part of the reason this took so long to finally post, I temporarily gave up) but I haven't gotten to that part in computering for dummies yet. So they did a Disney theme, Ashton's group did Peter Pan and Cruella De Ville. I think she's perfect for the part! In the crocodile picture her friend Brylee is on her right and in her Cruella picture her friend Gracie is on her right. I'm so glad she has good friends!

Friday, June 6, 2008

"Free Water, Only Two Cents!"

My kids are the best! They decided to have a water sale. The water would be free, only two cents! They also decided to give free samples! Who wouldn't love that customer service? I love the freedom of children to just live and not think of anything but the moment. What an inspiration to me! We added skittles to broaden our customer base- 15 skittles for only 5 cents. They ended up giving all of them to their friends. I'm sure they were just considering that the best advertising is after all, word of mouth...!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Knee it, Head it, Kick it, Boot it, But Don't Touch The Ball!

This post is really tardy, but hey better late than never right? Ashton signed up for soccer this year and while she was excited to play, it was always my dream to play soccer. Hey, you should be able to live through your kids some, as long as they're too young to know, right?! At first I wasn't sure she was loving it, but as the season went on she really excelled. She was nervous to kick the ball, but by her third game she was getting right in there. She never "got a score" but she got lot's of great kicks in and some very important assists!We are so proud of her for trying something new and working hard at it! Ethan can't wait to play next year and Mayse has been practicing her kicking for the future! The title is from the book Froggy Plays Soccer, which was the kids fav book during soccer season!