Friday, July 4, 2008


Wow, this has been a long time coming, so here it goes!
* Listening to my funny kids play and laugh together- as opposed to fighting together!
* Early summer mornings- I love the sounds and the feel- I seriously don't see enough of them right now
* Going on fun dates with my husband- he's the best
* Hanging out with my whole fam and friends - I am so blessed
* The gospel- what would I be
* Seems to be a theme -losing someone I love for sure
* Failing as a mother- I don't want to disappoint my children, not teach them all I need to, or have regrets.
* Spiders!
* When I'm waterskiing I'm really afraid a fish will bite my toes or my bum, I never straighten my legs, I always scrunch them up!
* Eventually finish college, doing something I love
* Exercise- I'm really slacking right now
* Not kill my garden, the poor thing
* Serve more, be a better friend
Current Obsessions-
* Goober's Lab game on webkinz ( thanks to Steph- Dustin is not impressed with your influence!)
* Ice cream cones- my fav is huckleberry at Reed's Dairy but alas its clear in IF (better for my fanny!)
* blogging, athough I'm not keeping up very well!
* summer, outside stuff, hanging with my kids, sleep, reading!
Random Surprising Facts-
* I'm a marathon teeth brusher, It takes me ten minutes to brush every time
* I'm married to a chef, and I hate cooking! (poor Dustin)
* When I was little my dream was to be an artist and live in NY City, now my dream is to learn how to snow shoe, be a photographer, and never live in a city!
Okay, that took me a while! (Sorry Jen) Now I want to tag Wendy (no excuses, find a computer!), Amy, and Courtney!


Moose Eyed Eagle Pride said...

Great blog!! I am going to take you waterskiing and make you straighten your legs...then i will have Brayden bite ya!! Ha!Ha! That will help don't you think. Seriously I loved your blog...

Mortimer Family said...

Wow, I learn more and more about you every wonder I like hanging out with you. Sounds like we have some of the same fears and goals.

WHEN DEE said...

Huckleberry??? You would LOVE jackson. There is huckleberry EVERYWHERE...right next to the statue bears.

Post Script: I don't get how this works. How do I do it?

WHEN DEE said...


I really like your post.

Courtney McKay said...

Love the pics!!! They crack me up!! Your post was great! Blackberry Ice cream sounds delicious!!

Chris and Jen said...

Hey, at least you water ski even if it is with bent legs. I don't even dare try so you are one step ahead of me! I think it's so funny that you're a marathon teeth brusher...I remember seeing you brush your teeth for what seemed like forever!! Thanks for the post!

SummerGirl said...

Love your blog when it says Oh Good Honk!!!I love it!Love the joys it's awesome!

Emilee Mortimer

Haguewood Family said...

So I found your blog on Amy's blog. I'm gonna add you to my list! I hope that is okay.

Heidi Kjar said...

Hey Dustin and Becky,
Thanks for the delicious breakfast today:). Becky it was good to talk to you, you are so fun to talk to. I added you to my links, hope that ok? Talk 2 you again soon! Heidi

Jen said...

Hi Becky! Wow I am so glad that I found you guys. Is anyone in your family on Facebook? I know there are lots of people from Mtn. Home on there that would love to hear from you guys. We have all been concerned about Chris. Kyle Bortchard (sp) ran into him somewhere and then sent out an email to a lot of his classmates. We were all worried. I hope everything is going good for you. You have beautiful kids.